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Serangoon North was the neglected part of Serangoon, compared to crowded Serangoon Central and Serangoon Garden. The site itself has all amenities one would need in that location. From 24hour Market, clinics, Hardware shop, coffee shops, infamous Rosyth Pri School and French international school Lycee Francais de Singapour nearby.

As well as the accessibility to CTE, KPE & TPE. Bus Stop is also right outside the development. Only lacking a MRT station. However, After the Cross island line was announced in January 2019. The once quiet area of Serangoon suddenly get a lot of attention, Especially Affinity at Serangoon. The close walking distance from the main entrance to Serangoon North MRT Station.


Affinity at Serangoon is former Serangoon Ville HUDC. Affinity has a large land size of 296,913 sq ft with a total of 1012 unit. Affinity at Serangoon size ranges from 1 to 4 bedrooms unit. But what make it different is their strata title 4 & 5 Bedroom landed unit.

As everyone know, Serangoon garden has a huge area that compromise landed property. Hence, that gave Oxley this idea of building this strata landed. Staying in the size of a landed property plus full condo facilities. And that make Affinity more unique, giving it an edge over their competitor with more choice of selections for home owners.

Landscaping is what make the places looks different and giving it character. Imagine a condo with just buildings, pretty boring isn’t? That why Oxley do not mind the high cost of employing a landscape architect that will make their products looks good. Affinity at Serangoon beautiful landscape is design and build by award winning Landscape architect, EcoPlan. The won the Best Landscape Architectural Design (Asia) in 2017. Check out their works here

Coming back to affinity, with the idea of strata landed in mind. They knew what suits Affinity best, after taking into consideration of the site terrain, evening sun direction, even noise from yio chu kang road and most importantly to maximize the nice unblock view the tall block  could have. The tall block are position further away from the main road, side by side of each other with the other 2 block opposite them to maximize the block to block facing. So we have a good distance.

By placing the strata house in-front of them, the tall blocks get unblock view of Serangoon garden. And with the facilities are design to be in the centre of the site. Both the tall block and strata house gets the view of 67m sanctuary pool and enjoying the beautiful landscape. And creating a site gate along yio chu kang, it allow easy access for residents to get to the bus stop. Best of all, it’s fully shelter. So you don’t have to worry about raining days.

But if you are still worry, Developer is providing 1 year free shuttle bus service to Serangoon MRT! Subsequent Shuttle Bus extension servoce will be managed and decided by residents’ formed MCST usually after CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completion). Everything well thought off by the architect and developer.

Now to the unit, i love their layout personally. Of course, there some +/- which i think i like or can be improved. But to get what you want, you can only build it yourself. So this would be the closest to perfect layout in my opinion. They use good quality fittings & appliances Bosch, Grohe fittings, Mitsubishi Aircon & Yale digital lockset for the unit.

No smart home integration, not a big issue. In fact, many are not aware. Smart home needs updating and maintenance constantly. After 1 year, you might find additional charges coming for the service provide or increment in maintenance fee. Hence, i think i can do without it as it not really a big thing to have. What matter most is the quality, layout and of course location to make the most out of your money.

Before visiting the brand new ready show flat initially. I was’t expecting much. But after viewing all the 4 showflat (There 5 showflat now, constructing a new 1). I was surprise how good the layout is. Remember i said about the architect taking into consideration of the land terrain and directions? The units are orientate towards north south direction. Thus, reducing the evening sun that most dread shining into the unit.

And for certain unit (bigger size layout 3 Bedroom Premium) They even have windows at the front of living and the back towards the dining room. To maximize air flow and ventilation and also bringing in more light to the unit. Another point added is because of the spacious room size. But depending on your layout chosen. Refer to the picture below. 2 bedroom has a walk in wardrobe, how does that sound? Most condo, walk in wardrobe are only given to 4 bedroom or larger layout unit.

And also a huge master room for certain layout, how cool is that! And usually there be a smaller room that could only fit in single bed. But not Affinity at Serangoon, even the smallest room here is able to fit in a Queen size mattress yet with space  around it. Now that what i call thinking for end user


So now it all comes to price. Is it value for money at this price, location and quality? Yes it is. Read below why

Affinity was launch June 2018. However in July, Oxley gave a 5% ABSD Discount to assist buyer with the increase ABSD rates. That means you can now buy higher level unit at a lower price compared to those who brought during launch day. Instant gain in property value and future resale advantage. And till date, the discount is still valid but maybe remove any point of time (Subject to Developer).

And 1 important note, Affinity at Serangoon price is undervalue. Why do i say that?

Sales at Affinity has been tremendously good ever since the announcement of Serangoon North MRT Station which is just a short walk from us. And the current price does not factor in the MRT. Unlike other development that has factor MRT into their pricing. Have a look at the average price chart above comparing to our neighbour development.

I bet by now you can vision that when the station is up, our property value will appreciate too. Do note again the discount is not forever. Developer has informed us that they will be removing it soon And possible of price increase. However, even with the discount removed the price is still affordable and value for money.

55 unit sold in March and 51 unit sold in April 2019. Ever since the annoucement of Cross Island Line. Sales for Affinity has been fantastic because they are aware of what the MRT will create and benefit them in future.

Hope that this review will help you understand more about Affinity at Serangoon. Do check out the show flat picture gallery or register here to check out the actual showflat.


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